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Fire Trail

In the darkness, you think you can make out trees ahead. Mirages don't appear at night, you tell yourself, so it must be the oasis. You hurry your steps, kicking up sand as you go.

Soon enough you've reached the trees, and they are indeed quite real! You pass between the first, stopping briefly to pick up a fallen coconut. You can make out an odd shine ahead, and figure that it must be water. Upon reaching it, you find that you are correct, and you kneel down, cupping your hand to drink. You stay cautious, though. While the Wynd had talked about the oasis quite cheerfully, you can't help but think that some other creature must reside here, and might not appreciate your presence quite so much.

In fact, you start to feel that you should leave as soon as possible. You hurry to grab another coconut and another drink, and right before you take off running out of the haven of the oasis, you stop yourself. Why are you in such a rush? Why do you feel like you need to run before something horrible happens?

These rational thoughts battle with a rising, unexplainable panic, when suddenly another though intrudes. There has to be some magic at work, making you think these things. And perhaps that magic is directed at you from another creature...

The skin on the back of your neck prickles, and you turn as a voice speaks.

"Very good, human. Yes, you are unwanted here."

The Mountain Pony Unicorn regards you coldly, as you stammer out an apology.

"I could put much worse thoughts into your head. Don't tempt me."

You nod silently, and get the heck out of her oasis.



Name: Veadia
Gender: Female
Element: Nightmare
Notes: She’s slightly empathic(read/control emotions).
From: Boreal Visions


©2001-03 Victoria Hanke