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Fire Trail

Upon passing through the 'barrier' of the glowing dome's wall, you get a bit of a shock. It seemes to be nighttime in this desert. Oh, well, at least it's probably cooler than if it had been day.

You try to keep to a straight path, but the sand is distracting to look at. In the dim light that glows faintly from the air particles, it appears that the sand is different colors in different areas. However, without a more proper light, it's impossible to tell whether or not it really is...

Your thoughts are interupted by the pounding of feet on the sand. Looking over in the direction they come from is a drigus. The air around him seems to glow more brightly, allowing you to make him out.

He stops, rising up as he does so, and getting a good look at you. He seems to smile, but after a moment jumps forward, evidently on his way somewhere. You take his lead and move on as well, feet lightly carrying you through the dunes.



Name: Kardor
Gender: Male
Species: Drigus
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke