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Fire Trail

You touch the stone as the Wynd had instructed you to do. There is an odd, swirling feeling within you, as if little whirlwinds are forming in your blood. Before you can categorize the feeling as being either good or bad, it stops, and you find yourself in front of a similar stone as the one you touched, in a similar dome of glowing light.

The Wynd of Change in this dome, however, is quite different than the one from the last. This one is incredibly brightly colored, and thw whorling that sits nearby is just as intense in hue.

"Greetings!" the Wynd says cheerfully. "I am Burst of Intensity, and this is Jeralith. We are the welcoming commitee, I guess you could say. You are now..." she pauses dramatically, "in the desert!"

You nod slowly. It makes sense; you're standing on sand. There seems to be no end to the variety of landscapes here, you think to yourself.

"Don't worry, though, there's an oasis not too far away, and you can stock up on water and coconuts there! And though the mounds and mounds of sand might get tiring, it's really a very lovely place! You get used to the heat generated through the air." She kicks up a bit of sand with a hind hoof. "I'm sure you must be eager to go explore, so I won't keep you any longer!"

You thank the Wynd for the welcome, and inquire about which way to go.

"Just leave the dome by going--" she nods her head in a direction-- "that-a-way. Stay relatively straight, and you'll be at the oasis in no time! Enjoy yourself, traveller!"

You head off in the indicated direction, wondering what lies ahead.



Name: Burst of Intensity
Gender: Female
Species: Wynd of Change

Name: Jeralith
Species: Whorling
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke