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Fire Trail

The equine whorling leads you on, and glowing ahead of you, there seems to be some sort of dome. At the sight of it, your guide picks up her pace, and you do the same, eager to know what's in the brightly lit bubble.

Upon reaching it, the whorling passes fearlessly through what appeared to be a wall of light. You follow, a bit more cautious, but feel no barrier as you pass through. The entire structure seems to be made of a pulsing light reminiscent of what had lit the air in this odd place, but much stronger.

Once you're inside, the equine whorling that had brought you here darts away through another wall, and you're left facing the other two inhabitants of the dome-- a Wynd of Change, and an elemental hunter cat.

"Hello!" The Wynd prances on over. "Cadanae never fails to lead visitors to me... and quite a good thing she does that!" She guestures towards where the whorling had departed from. "Welcome. I am Words of Comfor. The hunter cat is called Adryl."

You introduce yourself, as you have done quite a few times before.

"There isn't much else beyond this," the Wynd explains. "Or, rather, not in this immediate area. But there is more to see in this strange place." She smiles. "You simply have to use a bit of magic to journey farther on."

Words of Comfort guestures to a small, glowing ball on a thin pedastal of what appears to be white stone. "Simply touch the orb, and you'll be translocated. A friend of mine will meet you at the other end."

You nod, and walk up to the orb, bidding the Wynd and the cat goodbye.



Name: Words of Comfort
Gender: Female
Species: Wynd of Change

Name: Adryl
Gender: Female
Species: Elemental Hunter Cat
Element: Air
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke