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Fire Trail

You begin to feel extremely clustrophobic and the mist envelops you. You can see nothing, and the air you breathe is heavy. You can't even hear much of anything besides your extremely muted footsteps. You swear that the fog is suffocating you, as the light fades further.

When you think that you surely must be doomed to die in this mist, you faintly sense a creature nearby. For all you know, there might not actually be anything there, but at a lack for a better course of action, you stumble in that direction.

Your senses do not lead you astray. You see a faint moving shimmer of skin, and you follow whatever it is. You don't even bother to think about what might happen if it's some sort of unfriendly predator; at this point, you just want a way out of the mist. And after straining your eyes to follow the creature, you find that it led you in the right direction. As the mist fades away behind you, you get your first good look at your 'rescuer'.

The lovely whorling walks right up to you, nudging you slightly with her nose. She doesn't seem to be done leading you, and you follow her onwards through the trees. You're glad for the company, as the air is still more dim than it was before. You wonder where she's taking you.



Name: Cadanae
Species: Equine Whorling
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke