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Fire Trail

As you meander onwards through the trees, you wonder if your eyes are deceiving you. The light particles in the air almost seem to be dimming... but you can't be sure. Perhaps you're just getting more accustomed to the form of light.

However, you soon realize that the air around you is indeed dimming. A drifting mist encases you, darkening the natural glow of the air. What sort of light is this, you wonder, that can be so easily overtaken by fog? However, the unnaturalness of the fog makes it clear enough that there probably isn't any sort of light source that would be able to penetrate too far into it's depths. You only hope you don't break a leg stumbling through it. Reaching out, you try to avoid the trees as you slowly go onwards.

The sound of wings suddenly disturbs the air, displacing some of the mist. Even so, it's still rather dark, as if dusk was setting. You can make out a creature though. He doesn't appear to take note of you.

You haven't admired him long before he launches from the ground, vanishing as the fog once agiain closes around you. Feeling even more lost and alone than you had before, you stumble onwards.



Name: Maojer Setrales
Translation: Beyond Dreams
ID: naa124
Gender: Male
Element: Clouded Night
Type: 2B
Parentage: Wild x Wild
Genetics: A,b
Notes: A Night Element, this Naa has rare draconic wings that are mutated. He wears a green neckband.
From: Hawkings Crest


2001-03 Victoria Hanke