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Fire Trail

The blue around you fades into green, and light from an unplacable source begins to light the world around you. What appears to be a teal moss lines the ground around the path, which looks identical to metal but has a bit of spring to it. An odd, odd place, you think to yourself.

The sound of crashing waves enters your ears, and you see that you are nearing the sudden end of the odd, mossy plain. A gentle decent brings you to the edge of what appears to be an ocean, no shore visible against the horizon. A path of rocks, wet but above the water all the same, allow you to walk out to a bit of a deeper depth, much like some sort of natural dock. You sit on a rock, staring into the water as the source-less light arounds you continues to brighten, as if some invisible sun were rising. Small schools of rainbow-hued fish dart to and fro, and you watch them with vague interest. Something seems to catch your eye deeper in the water as well; a sliver of green that you aren't sure actually exists haunts the corner of your eye.

You decline putting a finger in the water, quite aware that while the water can be home to many curious creatures, some might be more inclined to gnaw anything stuck into the water than to simply find out what's wiggling near the surface. After a few moments, though, you know for sure that the dashes of green are some sort of creature, and it seems to be nearing the surface nearby. After a few moments, you can finally see it more clearly.

She looks friendly, but keeps her distance, watching as you stare back from the rock you sit upon. You haven't ever seen anything like her, and she's quite an interesting creature, visually. She seems to find you to be the same, and studies you even as you regard her. After a bit, she dives down, disappearing back beneath the waves.

However, she shortly returns, and not alone. With her is another of her kind, who also looks at you curiously, but comes a bit closer than the first did. And then, with a dive and a splash, appears in the water directly in front of you.

You reach forward slowly, and she allows you to pet her once before both dive back down and disappear from sight.



Name: Calima
Gender: Female
Species: Okea'Tygre

Name: Thalassa ("Sea" in Greek)
Gender: Female
Species: Okea'Tygre
From: The EverRealm


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