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Fire Trail

Trees sprout up around you, at first sparsely spaced, but soon the tall trunks are littering the landscape in copious amounts on the slope, replacing the boulders. You weave between them, avoiding ditches and patches of brambles. As you do so, you find yourself marveling at the quickness with which the land had changed from rocky and fairly bare to the forested area you now meander through.

A bit of blue catches your eye, and upon looking in its direction, you find a Carthawox perched on a nearby branch. She regards you curiously, and looks to be quite good-natured.

The carthawox suddenly looks down, and your eyes follow her gaze. There's another one, just stepping out of the foliage to sniff at you.

The second is much more akin to a cat, while the first is mostly bird-like. The second one sits, peering up at you with a very feline look. You reach down to pet her, and she closes her eyes contently.

A call of some sorts suddenly echos through the trees, and both of the Carthawox turn from you, abrubtly leaping up and vanishing, one into the canopy, the other back through the shrubs.



Name: Sornla
Gender: Female
Species: Carhawox

Name: Elessi
Gender: Female
Species: Carhawox
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke