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Fire Trail

Your walk is a slightly paranoid one. You keep glancing around, and while the number of caves in the land around you is decreasing, you're still convinced that something is going to come leaping out of one at you. You're in no mood to be consumed by a hungry beast, so you try to stay aware of everything around you.

You're reaching the top of one of the mountain peaks, and what looks to be a plateau is off to your left a bit. You alter your path, as you are no longer following a set one, and head towards the higher flat area of land.

Upon reaching it, and hoisting yourself over a bit of a ledge, you find that the plateau is inhabited. You freeze, as you've stumbled upon two great creatures... most obviously carnivorous ones.

They look at you curiously at first, and seem to sense your apprehension with amusement. You note that both seem more inclined to relax and simply stare at you than to attack... they've probably just fed, you think to yourself. You relax a slight trifle, admiring the colorations as the Tigons bask in the light that shimmers in the air. After a few moments, you've decided that you've looked at them for long enough... and their reciprocated stares are starting to creep you out a bit. You move on.



Name: Sun's Approach
Gender: Male
Species: Skydance Tigon
Coloration: Dawn

Name: Eveningglow
Gender: Male
Species: Skydance Tigon
Coloration: Twilight
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke