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Fire Trail

You walk and walk, wondering how you have as much energy as you do. For the amount of time you've been on your feet, you don't feel very tired at all. In fact, you feel quite good, despite the steepness of the slope. You wonder if perhaps it's something in the glowy air; maybe it has something to do with what causes this unnatural lighting.

The sound of voices gradually reaches your ears. Hoofbeats accompany the voices, though quite suddenly, they stop.

"Someone approaches," one of the voices says.

"Oh?" You can hear the hint of a challenge rumble through the second voice. "Well, let's go... welcome the visitor." A snort of laughter follows this.

You stand, frozen, and wonder fleetingly if perhaps you should quickly dart back down the mountain. The second voice in particular didn't sound very welcoming at all, and in fact, you wonder if it was perhaps a hint of maliciousness that colored the voice. What sort of creatures are these? you ask yourself.

You soon find out, and get a bit of a surprise. While you'd been expecting two creatures with big fangs, and perhaps some spikes, you find yourself facing Wynds instead.

"So, you thought it would be enjoyable to come tromping across our lands, did you?" The second one has a definitely accusing tone to his voice.

You stammer a reply, saying that you didn't know they lived here, and that you didn't upset anything while walking through.

"Live here?" he replies. "We don't live here... no, no, rather unsuitable place for living. No, we live in a meadow a distance aways. However, these lands do belong to us." He stares at you, almost looking as though he's waiting for you to run.

The other Wynd glances amusedly at his companion, and then turns to you. "I am Whisper of Disquiet, and this is Wind be Biting. As long as you harm nothing, you are not as unwelcome as he makes it seem."

Wind be Biting snorts, but starts to move on past you, obviously finding no more interest in you. Whisper of Disquiet gives a slight shrug and follows, brushing past you and down the way you'd come.



Name: Whisper of Disquiet
Gender: Male
Species: Wynd of Mage
Power: Spirit
Immunity: Air
From: The EverRealm

Name: Wind Be Biting
Gender: Male
Species: Wynd of War
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke