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Fire Trail

You wonder what sort of luck you'll need in these mountains, and if the unicorn stallion was perhaps just trying to frighten you a bit. However, you are quite aware that you are no longer walking on a path, and you are in a rather unpredictable sort of land. You are unsure of whether or not all the creatures living will here will have come through Saturn's influence, or if some are perhaps more unwelcoming and unpredictable...

Your thoughts slow down a bit as you concentrate on beginning the ascent up the rocky start of the mountain. It isn't quite too steep yet, but you don't doubt that it soon will be a bit more difficult as you continue upwards. You try to pick out the easiest path, and occasionally find breaks in the low shrubbery surrounding you, as if some other large animals have passed the same way.

A rustle up ahead makes you immediately pause. You find a dragon whorling has also paused, and regards you for a few seconds, head tilted to the side. Then he moves on, pushing his way through the various tall grasses and shrubs that grow upon the mountain slope.

As you are about to start moving once more, another bit of movement catches the corner of your eye. You turn, expecting another of the dragonish creatures, but instead find yourself being inspected by a rather different sort of whorling.

Once it flutters off, you resume your climb.



Name: Amok
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon Whorling

Name: Tull
Gender: Female
Species: Random Whorling
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke