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Fire Trail

The tall mountains in the distance seem to elude you, but you strive to reach them all the same. The path has faded, and now you are simply adventuring onwards wherever your feet happen to take you... which is towards the cliffs.

Your eyes are so focused on the rock forms ahead that you don't really notice when the terrain starts to get more uneven, more studded with rocks. You fall as you snag your foot against a rock, and lie on the ground for a few moments, the breath knocked out of you. You open your eyes quickly though, as you hear hoofbeats. When you finally stand and brush yourself off, you are not alone.

"I am Feriado," the unicorn stallion speaks, nearly glaring at you. He seems to be waiting, and you give him your name. He snorts.

"I see. And you are going to the mountains?"

"Yes," you reply, slightly nervous in the stallion's fierce gaze.

"I see," he says once more. "Best of luck." He snorts again, and this time it sounds slightly mocking. He wheels and gallops off, leaving you to continue on alone.



Name: Feriado
Gender: Male
Element: Holiday - Christmas
Notes: His wings are a bit small for flying, but he can still fly. His tail is a slightly mutation, but is spiral horn is normal, its just a rare trait. His coloring is a bit strange, but that's normal for his element.
From: Boreal Visions


2001-03 Victoria Hanke