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Fire Trail

While walking, you have time to think. Back there, all those little dwellings had definitely looked as though they were maintained quite meticulously. But by who? Saturn hadn't come through the portal to set up these lands, had she?

You are distracted from your path towards the mountains by movement. A leagus prances towards you, silver hooves and black paws flicking, wings ruffling. He's got a friendly look in his eye, and is soon quite close. You then notice that blending in slightly with the grass, and the leagus' heels, trots an aqua canine whorling.

"Greetings," the leagus says to you in a fairly lilting voice. "Be welcome in these lands. I am Krethes, and this is Lodarin." He guestures to the whorling, who regards you curiously.

You state your name, and voice your question about who takes