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Fire Trail

While walking, you have time to think. Back there, all those little dwellings had definitely looked as though they were maintained quite meticulously. But by who? Saturn hadn't come through the portal to set up these lands, had she?

You are distracted from your path towards the mountains by movement. A leagus prances towards you, silver hooves and black paws flicking, wings ruffling. He's got a friendly look in his eye, and is soon quite close. You then notice that blending in slightly with the grass, and the leagus' heels, trots an aqua canine whorling.

"Greetings," the leagus says to you in a fairly lilting voice. "Be welcome in these lands. I am Krethes, and this is Lodarin." He guestures to the whorling, who regards you curiously.

You state your name, and voice your question about who takes care of the lands.

"Well," he says, chuckling slightly, "there are many. And no, Saturn is not one of them, unless she has multiple incarnations." He pauses, looking aside and seeming to ponder this thought for a moment before continuing. "While she arranges for the creatures to come, and technically these lands are in her dominion, her eyes cannot watch over us who have passed through the vortex. There are others residing here, though, who are quite capable of caring for those creatures that need it."

"Others?" you question.

"Aye, but I doubt you will get even so much as a glacne of any. They are quite fond of staying inconspicuous." He smiles faintly. "Personally, as I don't require much assistance from them, I very rarely see any of them." He glances towards the mountains. "You'd better be moving on, and I must be as well."

You thank the leagus for his information while the whorling watches from slightly behind, and then you move on.



Name: Krethes
Gender: Stallion
Species: Leagus

Name: Lodarin
Gender: Male
Species: Canine Whorling
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke