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Fire Trail

You think for a moment. You can enter this Vortex, this swirl of magic, and not be harmed?

"There is risk. But it is likely you will be safe," Saturn says.

You decide to go through the Vortex, and Saturn points to a path that leads down, and ends right at the edge of the swirling winds. You descend the path, and with one last glance back at where Saturn watches, lookign slightly anxious, you step into the whirlwind.

Your body is sucked in, though instead of swirling around as you thought you probably would, you find yourself pulled downwards. The speed of your descent increases, and you find everything to be flashing by in a blur of shimmering reflections.

Suddenly, it feels as though you have hit something soft, which slows your body. There does not appear to be anything around you, but you definitely feel some sort of resistance beneath you, as if you've landed on something pliable and springy. You continue moving downwards, though, pushing the invisible force, and finally it seems to tear, and you fall with a thud onto visible, solid ground.

You pick yourself up off the ground. You can't say you recognize the type of landscape you're in; around you the air seems to be tinted with blue, and the darkness seems to suggest night, though you can't really be sure.

"Newly arrived?" a voice questions. You turn to see not one, but two creatures regarding you.

The gray one is the one who questioned you, and your reply is a nod. "Ah. Come, follow," she says.

The gray Wynd of Mage turns, and the Wynd of Change follows, keeping silent. They lead you through the blue for a distance, until finally what appears to be a solid silver path is visible.

"Follow it," the Wynd of Mage says simply, and the two depart from you.



Name: Trace of Chaos
Gender: Female
Species: Wynd of Mage
Notes: Ice power, spirit immunity

Name: Shadow of Eternity
Gender: Male
Species: Wynd of Change
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke