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Fire Trail

Romeo the Dragon courtesy of

You find yourself at the foot of a windy staircase, in what seems to be a circlular tower. You climb the stairs, and finally find yourself in a round observatory of sorts. It is constructed of a glossy black stone, as is most of the manor, or castle, or whatever it is you're in. Peering out a window, you can see a dragon flying around the observatory. You also notice that there are stone walkways supported by huge pillars that connect the observatory to other places. Looking around the room, you see a few doors... and another dragon, that didn't catch your eye at first.

A small plaque on the wall reads "Azurite" which seems to fit the dragon. He watches you lazily from under the windows across the room, and after admiring his coloration you look at your options on where to go.


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Horn Crested Dragon
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