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Fire Trail

A large opening in one wall of the next room lets in a gentle breeze. You look around, and see no one around. You call out a greeting, figuring someone has to be around here somewhere...

You are correct, and a creature soon prances through the opening in the wall.

::'Ello,:: he says, speaking in your head. ::I'm Athelstan, and I'm in charge of these gifts. Don't take anything, alright?::

He pauses, prancing a little. ::Just in case you were wondering, I'm a Derissa. I come from the Nameless Forest... you can find the portal over there.:: He gestures with his head.

Thanks to everyone that has sent gifts!

Yay! Plushie!

Thank you, Lady Jewell!

So pretty... thanks, DFairy Star!

Aw, perdy! :) Thanks!

Thank you, Leslie!

Oo, hehe. Glad to support the cause :)


Yay! I love the holidays...

So cute! Thankies!

So prettyful!



The Nameless Forest


2001 Victoria Hanke