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Fire Trail

Sunlight streams into the next room by way of a large, circular opening in one wall. There are many other smaller windows as well.

An avicorn flies gracefully in circles below a high, domed ceiling. As soon as you enter, however, he spirals down and lands in front of you. He lowers his head and stretches out his wings, in a bow of sorts.

"Hello, and welcome. I am Alpin. I look after these gifts for Saturn. Please, look around."

Thank you, to anyone who's sent me anything :)

Thank you, Lady Kanga! :D

Yay! Hehehe, punkins are fun...

Hehehe! And I got an apple! YAY!

Hehe, thankieees!

Yay! Thanks, Lady Archer! So cute...

Ooo, another Halloween gifty!

Hehehe, thanks, Sha! Only fair ;D

MEEP! Hehehe, thanks, Wee One Roo!

Thanks, Kanga! :D

Thank you, Krista! So pretty :)





2001 Victoria Hanke