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Fire Trail

Evidently, Saturn is fond of making everything easily accessed by any animal. As you walk through the door, you see that a huge section of the wall on your left is missing. And in through the opening trot two unicorns...

"Greetings, wanderer," says the mare. "Yes, you've guessed it... more gifts."

"Saturn certainly is spoiled," the stallion laughs. "Oh, and I'm Spectrum, this is Shimmering Veil. We'll be outside, if you have any questions... which you probably won't. It's fairly self explanatory."

Thanks to everyone who's sent gifts :)

Thankies to Fae Rhi for that one!

From Fairy IceFire :)

Yep, there's more.

Next Room


Shimmering Veil and Spectrum
Rainbow Horned Iridescent


2001 Victoria Hanke