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Fire Trail

The path is lined with little violet flowers. You enjoy the walk, but wonder where precisely you're going... there doesn't seem to be anyone or anything else around. Finally, you round a bend and find yourself in front of a little odd shaped, dome-ceilinged building. Upon entering, you first notice the huge skylights in the dome. You see next what's most likely the reason for them...

"'Ello, stranger. I'm Shadow Stalker. And you are?"

You state your name, and he continues. "Welcome... this is where the gifts other people give us are on display. Look around! Do NOT take anything, though... I'm watching you." He snaps his beak and attempts to look threatening. It's a bit comical, but you figure you'd better behave anyway.

Thanks to everyone who's sent gifts :)

From Nutty :)

The building is evidently bigger than you first though. There seems to be another room...

Next room...


Shadow Stalker


2001 Victoria Hanke