Edana sat at the edge of the cliff, pounded by the force of the rushing wind, surrounded by its roar as it rushed through the leaves of the trees behind the girl. So, she thought, this is where it will end. This is where it will all come down; power versus power, and one of us will fall. She sighed, resigned, and for a second her eyes flickered with worry. There was more at stake than she’d first realized, and this was a fight she’d have to win. But this wasn’t a fight she was expected to win, even by herself. She’d most definitely got herself into something much larger than she’d intended to.

Red hair swirling around her face, Edana allowed herself to feel weak for a moment, allowed a moment of indecision and panic overcome her. Only a moment passed, though, before she pushed the worry away, regained the control that she always tried to keep over herself. She would get through it. Somehow, she would persevere against him. She had no other choice. She must help the balance of the world remain constant. That had always been her purpose, hadn’t it?

Her gaze shifted around her, and she was suddenly aware of the fact that she’d been on the cliff before. It was as if she’d suddenly remembered a fleeting glimpse of a dream, something from another time. Yes, she confirmed in her mind. I’ve been here before. How could I have forgotten? She looked around, her mind absorbing the surroundings, recognizing them, and taking in all the familiar details. No wonder it was here that I ran to, without knowing where I was going; why my feet seemed to just know the way, this is the place where I--

Her thoughts were interrupted by a snap of the wind in the trees, and she looked around her. No, no, it wasn’t him, he wasn’t here yet. Growing nearer, yes, but he hadn’t yet reached her. She once again relaxed, as much as she could for the given situation, her mind turning to the past. As the wind blew around her, she found herself remembering more and more, as if it flowed from the air and into her. She realized how much she’d forgotten in this distracting new age. Unintentionally, she found herself going back to those lost years, even before her former visit to the cliff, even before she had gained her full powers. It had been so long ago. Before technology, before the official discovery of America, before even the birth of He called Christ. Her past, her heritage, came rushing back as a river finally freed from a dam, and Edana was powerless to stop the flood.


Alki powered onwards, no longer a solid force. The power he had absorbed had been more than enough, though not of the magnitude he would have liked. It was enough, though, and he’d been able to draw from all the power, and push himself out of that physical form, that solid, humanoid Alki and into the non-visible, elemental form he currently was. It was a rather empowering experience to be such a thing as wind, unseen but with such unimaginable force to command at will. Alki had only ever experienced it once before...

Long ago. Long enough that he’d locked the memories in a far off section of his mind, a part of his mind he rarely accessed in the current day and age. An age of uninterested obsession, and indifferent indulgence, Alki thought. The people living in this age haven’t the worth they could have had. Such an odd thought, that society has decreased in wisdom and intellectuality, instead of evolving forwards. Had he been in a physical form, Alki’s eyes would have narrowed in disgust. Ah, well, no matter. It will make it easier to succeed now.

Mind clearing to blankness, Alki’s intuition led him onwards. He didn’t to think or concentrate in order to track her down, and she’d stopped running, making it easier. Soon enough, he would reach her, and he would defeat her. She was the last to put up a fight, and she would be the last to fall, but indeed, she would fall.

Alki knew no other way. He wanted the world, and he wanted it to exist according to his own vision. He’d had enough of living confined within the expectations and rules of other people, people less worthy than he found himself to be. His whole life had been spent preparing for this, preparing for the day where his power could be used, and used fully, for the destruction of the orderly world as most knew it, and the resurrection of the chaotic freedom he loved. He’d been waiting too long to start this new revolution.

His whole life...

Unexpectedly and suddenly, Alki’s mind brought him down the path of his past. He flew onwards, but the core of his mind sped backwards, hijacked by some unseen force. All the details solidified in his mind, revealing themselves to Alki, who had so often strove to defeat, submerge, and forget them...
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