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Fire Trail

You start down the path marked "Cliques". You haven't gone far when a fluttering creature lands on the branch of an miniature, ornamental tree on the side of the path.

"Hello," the creature speaks. "I am Larkspur, and I guard the memberships Saturn has in various other realms. Feel free to touch the portals to be transported, but do not steal anything!"

You continue down the path. On either side of you are floating bubbles containing the various memberships to cliques and such.

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Imagine a Dragon

Imagine a Gryphon

Imagine a Unicorn

Imagine a Faery

Save the Dragons Campaign

You reach a small stream with a little wooden bridge. Larkspur flutters over and perches on the railing of the bridge.

"This is where my area ends. Across the stream, there are yet more memberships though. Same rules apply there- no stealing the images!"



Fairy Dragonmoth
Iridescent-Winged White


2001 Victoria Hanke