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Fire Trail

The next room you enter holds a red dragon and a green reptile... much like a raptor. The raptor looks up sharply as you enter, and a second later is no longer a lizard... but is instead a girl with short, dark green hair. She and the the dragon regard you for a moment.

"Hello. This is Flame Dance, and I am Starr Shadow. Welcome to our cave," the girl says, without much emotion. She doesn't necessarily seem nasty, just a bit on the cold side. "It's lucky you caught us while we're here. Usually we spend our time on the cliffs above the caves... it's preferable to being stuck in a room of stone. Not that I'd rather be in some fancy house of wood... Flame's fire magic doesn't mix well with wood." She smirks, and you look around. You notice that there isn't much in the cave, but any objects to be found are metal. You also notice that there are quite a few piles of ashes around the cave...

As your eyes move from ashes to the dragon, you find Flame Dance staring at you with what seems to be a rather evil dragon-grin. Starr then directs you to a piece of metal on the wall with information carved into it.

Name: Flame Dance
Gender: Male
Color: Red
Magic: Flame Magic
Rank: 3rd
Job: Warrior/Hunter

"Goodbye," speaks the girl. "Also, the portal to Flame's land of origin is over there."

Into the Hallway


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