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Fire Trail

A little farther down the hallway, and you come to the next door. Upon entering, you find there to be another human occupant, as well as a pair of draconic ones. The girl is small, but has an almost elvish look to her. She stands up quickly, and both dragons immediatly look towards you.

"Um, hello," the girl starts after a few seconds. "I'm Althea. This is Anjay," she says, pointing to the fiery-winged dragon. "His name means invincible. And this one is Akhilendra, his name means Lord of the Heavens."

The dragons each nod a greeting to you. You state your name, and the girl smiles timidly and sits down again. The dragons stay next to her protectively.

"The information about each of them is over there," she says, and gestures to framed parchment on the wall. "You can also use the portal to get to their land of origin."

Horn-Crested Dragon
Flame Winged

Skyhaven Dragon
Black Rainbow Colorwing

You politely excuse yourself after reading the information.

Into the Hallway



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