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Fire Trail

You walk back out into the hallway, and a little farther up is the next door. You enter it, and find yourself in a large, smokey chamber. The night sky is a bit distorted through the hole in the ceiling, but a flap of wings manages to displace most of the haze. It also clearly shows the inhabitants of the room.

A colorful trio of dragons look at you. The red and green are both smaller than the blue, who lazily blows a bit of smoke from his nostrils. After a moment the green turns back to the crystal he is holding. The red continues to stare unnervingly at you, while the blue just watches you from the corner of his eye. You notice something on the wall, and see that each dragon's information is written out.

Scorching Flame the Red
Hatched 8/24/99

Rain Flame the Blue
Hatched 9/24/99

Emerald Flame the Green
Hatched 10/24/99

After admiring the handsome trio, you decide to leave.

Into the Hallway




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