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Fire Trail

The three stay behind as Myrrh leads you into a most unusual room. Though it's a cave, it's also a garden. There are a few small waterfalls and many plants, and the breeze coming in through the hole at the top of the ceiling is a nice touch to the atmosphere. There is another minidragon in here...

"This is Flipside, a bronze. She is responsable for all the metalwork here in the garden." You look around,a notice the ornate stakes that vines are growing on, and other assorted metal decorations. There is also a small pile of plain, unused metal. Evidently, the minidragon is quite good at her craft.

The piece of parchment is on the wall nearest the door you entered from.

Name: Flipside
Gender: Female
Type: Bronze
Clutch: Rainbow Wren and Crystal Kijoro
Sands: Kalenik

"To get back to the hallway, just use this door. All the other doors should be unlocked, and don't worry about any privacy matters. The first room of each cave is always open to visitors, just don't go beyond there without permission. You will probably meet some other humans. Have fun..."

Into the Hallway



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