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Fire Trail

Myrrh brings you into another little room attached to the main cave. The other minis and cats stay in the main room, but there are a few in this room. You also notice that this room seems a bit cosier, with pillows and blankets everywhere.

The gray lands on the girl's shoulder, as the other two fly around her protectively.

"This one, the gray, is Steelsing. The greenish animal-type is Arcane, and the yellow is Skybeam. People had the nerve to abandon these three, and I took it upon myself to give them a good home where they'd be able to live happily without fear of that happening again."

There are three more pieces of parchment...

Name: Steelsing
Color: Grey
Age: Adult
Gender: Female

Name: Arcane
Color: Animal
Age: Adult
Gender: Female

Name: Skybeam
Color: Yellow
Age: Adult
Gender: Male

"As I said before, Minidragon Isle is now gone. But I do have one more thing to show you..."

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