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Fire Trail

You once again walk down the hallway a bit, before coming to another door. You feel almost odd pushing all these doors open, even though you have permission.

You enter the next room, and find a man writing at a desk in a corner. He notices you as you enter, and gets up from whatever he was doing.

"Hello," the man says, "I am Elgin. The Elemental Dragon Egg has hatched. He is a Water Elemental, and his name is Merfin, which means sea friend. However, to visit him, we will have to use a portal."

You follow Elgin to a small portal off to one side, and step through it. Once on the other side, you find yourself on a dock along a beach. It is dark, and the stars above shine down, reflecting onto the water. Elgin picks up a small lantern, walks to the edge of the dock, and points into the water. You peer down.

You admire the elemental dragon for a while, before venturing back through the portal to continue exploring the caves.






2001-02 Victoria Hanke