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Fire Trail

Myrrh leads you down a hallway, constructed of a black stone of some sort, as is most of the manor. After a while, you turn a bend, and there are doors spaced fairly far apart on the sides of the hallway. Myrrh pushes the first one open, and you follow her in.

"The cave system here at Fire Trail is rather unique. All of them are built quite similarly, with dragons in mind. Some of the creatures here are bonded, while others are not. Each has a cave accessible from this hallway, though. Each cave, whether the inhabitant is bonded to someone or not, has a large hole in the ceiling." She points up, and sure enough, there is a rather large hole, through which the night sky can be seen.

Wait a second... night? Wasn't it just daytime?

Myrrh laughs when she notices your confusion. "Yes, it was just daytime. But time here passes oddly, thanks to the way Saturn has it planned out. Sometimes it's night, sometimes it's daytime... only after a while of living here does the pattern become more noticable."

She is interrupted as two forms hurtle down from the hole and use her shoulders as landing pads.

"Incense and Topaz Star," she says, laughing. The burgandy, Incense, flits off her shoulder to come examine you. Just then, you feel something on your leg...

"And that is Copper Penny. The other one is Chaos." She points to another cat you hadn't noticed before.

On the wall nearest you there are four pieces of parchment...

Name: Topaz Star
Color: Tan
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Clutch: Creator Shay and Scholar WormWood
Sands: Kalenik

Name: Incense
Color: Burgandy
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Clutch: Tan Cassilda and Yellow Nikitu
Sands: Kalenik

Name: Copper Penny
Type: Sable Siamese
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Parents: Elsa & Stars In Sky

Name: Chaos
Type: Calico Crested
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Parents: Dappled Shadows and Little Map

"Alas, the place where they come from is now gone. They were all born on Minidragon Isle. The Isle has passed into the mists though now... so I'm afraid you can't journey to find a mini of your own. I do, however, have a few more minis to introduce you to..."




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