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Fire Trail

You enter another rather bright cave. A small firedrace wizzed over to you, and you find yourself also being examined from afar by a rather large dragon. A girl steps out from behind the dragon.

"Hey. The firedrace is Flora, the dragon is Phareds. And I'm Rain. I bonded Flora on November 6th of 1999, fairly soon after I moved in here with Saturn and the gang. Shortly thereafter I bonded Phareds, my lovely green. We've been a trio for a while, and I'm quite enjoying my life of riding a dragon."

You nod, and Rain points out information tacked to the wall.

Flora the Firedrace
Color: Green
Gender: Female

Phareds the Everondese Dragon
Color: Green
Gender: Female

Rain says goodbye as you turn to leave.

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Flora and Phareds


2001-02 Victoria Hanke