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Fire Trail

The room you are led into is darker than the previous one, with a yellow light-orb glowing here and there. There is a meow and a thump as a cat appears, and the sound of wings announces the presence of a dragon.

Saturn greets the cat with a scratch on the head before turning to the dragon. They must be talking in each other's mind, you realize. After a moment Saturn turns back to you.

"This dragon here is Quest. He's a burgundy, giving him power over metal. And this here cat is Midnight. He and Quest have lived together for quite some time... I almost think they've spent more time bonding together than I have with either of them." She laughs and the dragon gives her a gentle flick with his wing.

"They both come from the same place," Saturn continues. "The portal is over there. And the information on each of 'em is right here..."

Quest the Dragon
Color: Burgundy
Gender: Male

Midnight the Cat
Color: Blueish Black
Gender: Male

Saturn points out the door to the hallway.

Next Room


Katisyr Station


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