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Fire Trail

You walk down the hall and through the next door. The room you enter is bright, much like the last one. Saturn herself looks up as you walk in.

"Hello! Nice to see you enjoying the tour. This is DarkStreak, one of the dragons I've bonded."

The small dragon walks over to you and allows himself to be petted.

"Unfortunately, he is another of the dragons here that seems to be stuck as a hatchling. His world has disappeared, like so many seem to be doing. It's really quite sad, but at least Dark Streak is stuck being cute for the rest of his life..."

The dragon snorts and Saturn laughs. "In any case, there's his information. There isn't any portal to his home world, since it seems to be gone."

Dark Streak
Originally from
Dragon Gard

"As I implied, he isn't the only dragon I've bonded. If you'll follow me, I'll introduce you to one of the others..."

Next Room


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