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Fire Trail

The next cave, like one of the previous ones, is lit very brightly with orbs. There is a small pond in one corner, and many pillows everywhere. There are a few plants, as well as a desk and other assorted items. you are greeted by a girl and twin dragons. All three match- the girl has rainbow-streaked hair, and the dragons are rainbow-scaled.

"Hello," says the girl. "I'm Mirage. This is MoonDust, and this is Reflection... we bonded quite some time ago. So we've been here for quite a while, helping out Saturn and whatnot. I take it you've been on the tour for a while now, so perhaps you'd like something to eat. Help yourself." Mirage gestures to a table with cheese and crackers. She then drops down onto some pillows, and the two dragons arrange themselves on either side of her.

"Their information is over there," she says, pointing to pieces of parchment framed and hung on the wall.

Gender: Female
Color: Rainbow
Parents: Weeyth and Moonshadow

Gender: Male
Color: Rainbow
Parents: Weeyth and Moonshadow

"Thanks for visiting," says Mirage. "If you want, you can also visit their land of origin, Kali. The portal is over there."

Next Room


Moondust and Reflection
The Land of Kali


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