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Fire Trail

The next door down opens to reveal a room unlike the others. The majority of the cave is scooped out and filled with water. White orbs cause light to reflect off the water around the edges, and moonlight does the same in the middle. You walk to the edge and cautiously peer in, but see nothing. You look around the rest of the room briefly, and when you look back to the water there is a sea serpent staring back.

She flicks her fins and looks at you, as you look at her. You both look at each other for a few minutes. Then, abruptly, she swims away into the depths. As she does so, a small flicker catches your eye...

It appears to be a tiny winged dragon! It flits off.

A rock at the edge of the pool has something carved into it... there is also a small floating banner some distance away.

Ice Moon
Sea Serpent
Hatched 11/24/99


You turn back towards the door to the hallway.

Next Room


Ice Moon


2001-02 Victoria Hanke