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Fire Trail

After a quick walk down the hallway, you enter yet another room. This one contains a boy sitting on a hammock in the corner, whistling to himself, as well as a gold minidragon. The mini notices you almost right away.

The boy, who looks to be in his late teens, takes notice of you.

"Hello, I'm Symmetry... more commonly known as Sym. I've been here almost as long as Saturn has had the place up and running, if you can manage to believe it. And Gilded Rosebud," he gestures to the little dragon, "was the first mini to come and live here. Now, though, her original home is gone. A shame really. Oh, if you'd like to, you can look at information about Rosebud..."

Name: Gilded Rosebud
Color: Gold
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Clutch: Fire Firebane and Yellow Sunspot
Sands: Kalenik

Sym wishes you a lovely evening as you turn to leave.

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