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Fire Trail

You blink in the brightness of the next room. It is lit with many orbs that seem to illuminate everything with a white light. In the room is a girl with brown hair and eyes, sitting with three dragons.

"Hello, and welcome. I am Victoria, one of the humans residing here. Now and then another will come, looking for a place to stay. We allow almost everyone to stay, as long as they do their share of work. I've been here for quite a while, and bonded a few dragons. First off, let me introduce Supernova."

"I was bonded to Supernova quite some time ago. It seems, however, that he may just be stuck at his current age for the rest of his life. The world he is from, though still seeming to be in existance, must have faded to image only. And so, I will continue to care for Supernova as he is... a cute lil' baby dragon."

Another dragon sits against the far wall.

"This is Obsidian," the girl says. "Though he may look small, he's full grown, and has been an adult for quite some time. His original home has completely disappeared, unfortunately. I do, however, still have a relic from his childhood..."

"Last but not least, this is Tristar. She is the most recent out of these three."

After admiring the three for a bit, Victoria points to metal cards of sorts hanging on the wall.

Supernova the Blue
Gender: Male
Age: Hatchling
Hatched 09/08/99

Gender: Male
Age: Adult

Tristar the Blue
Hatched 01/31/02

"I have a few more dragons," Victoria speaks. "You can follow me to meet them."

Follow Victoria


Supernova from...
Burnush's Weyr

Obsidian's Link not available

Tristar from...


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