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Fire Trail

Myrrh nods, and leads you through a door off to the right. The lion stays behind.

The two of you walk down some stairs, and you find yourself in a maze of underground tunnels. Torches light the way at intervals, and illuminate a number of other passages branching off from the one you are on. Myrrh keeps on going straight for the most part, though.

At last, you start to hear the sounds of something. Little scraping sounds, for instance, and other unidentifiable ones. You wonder what it is that is making the sounds, and soon you find out.

"This is Venom," introduces Myrrh. The dragon glares at you. "He's here to make sure none of the creatures get harmed in any way. I would strongly suggest following the rules..."

You nod.

"I'm going to lead you on a bit farther. I also have a few creatures under my care, and since we've got the first cave on the tour anyway, I'll introduce you."

Myrrh beckons for you to follow, as Venom continues his glaring.





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