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Fire Trail

Myrrh leads you through a small door you hadn't noticed, and into a little room. It is brightly lit, thanks to a huge open skylight. Plants grow in a circle of dirt directly under the open part of the ceiling, and around that is cobblestone. Small tables and chairs are set up around the room; too small for a human. However, you see that this room isn't being used by humans...


You figure that it must have rained recently; the first blob is... sitting? next to a puddle in the garden patch. The muffin blob watches you happily from atop a table.

Turning around, you find that Myrrh has left the room. You turn back to the blobs, who are both staring at you. It's kind of creepy.

"Uhm, hello?" you say, not knowing if the blobs even know English. They seem to, as the muddy one sort of jiggles in response, it's tufts of grass waving. The muffin bounces up and down.

The muddy one, Squeeky, suddenly lets out a chirp. One of the bushes in the garden-circle rustles, and two more blobs come bouncing out...


These two new blobs bear resemblence to the first two... could these be... offspring? Blob offspring? Crazyness, but yes. It must be true. The first, the muffin with leaves, looks rather confused to see you. The other does not look confused. They are cute.

Seconds later, all of the blobs turn away from you, and resume their little activities. You figure you should leave. You notice there's also another door...

Next door?


Blobs are from


2001-02 Victoria Hanke