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Fire Trail
In Honor of 9/11/01

Guarded by Pride
On September 11, 2001, in the morning, I was at school. It was Television Production Class, and I was worried about having to try out the equipment and mess something up. Then the teacher called us into the other room. There, on the t.v., I watched history unfold...

Thank you Persephone

It was the oddest thought. Just the night before, I'd been in New York City for a Jamiroquai concert. My last view of that amazing skyline had been coming out of the Lincoln Tunnel. My last view of the complete skyline, a few hours before the towers fell...

Made by Lady Archer

This page is dedicated to all those lost. May you forever live on in our hearts and minds, and may you not have died in vain.

Despite the fact that this has been an awful ordeal, at least the country is pulling together in a nation-wide blanket of support. It's unfortunate to see that a crisis such as this is one of the few things that gets people to unite, but hopefully we will stay united.

Also guarded by Patriot


Pride and Patriot from


2001 Victoria Hanke