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Fire Trail

You decide to check out the Ambassadors' Quarters. Not really knowing what to expect, you walk through a long corridor- one of the black ones that connects the observatory to other places. At the end of it is a door, and you knock.

"Come in," calls a voice from beyond, and you enter.

You walk into a small, casual sitting room of sorts. Lots of pillows are strewn across the floor and the lone couch on the wall opposite where you stand. Sitting on that couch is a girl with long silver hair. Also lounging about are two interesting creatures...

"We are ambassadors, staying here at Fire Trail. We come from Mystia, another land, which Saturn oversees from afar. We are here to raise awareness about Mystia and offer a glimpse at what lies within."

The girl gets up, flipping her hair over her shoulders. She moves with a practiced grace, and offers a hand for you to shake. "I am Andi. Let me introduce you to my fellow ambassadors."

She leads you over to where a smallish rodent is curled up amongst the pillows. He rouses himself, and you nearly back away. "He's quite tame," Andi says. "His name is Gel, and he's a Merkit."

Andi then leads you over to the larger of the two creatures. It seems to be a huge snake, but with a horse-like head. "This is Visola. She's what we call a Drasn. Don't be afraid... she was chosen to live here because she's one of the most gentle and well-tempered of her kind."

"Would you perhaps be interested in adopting a creature like one of these? If so, please follow the portal and journey to Mystia!"


Mystia is a hunt site, meaning that it has awards and adoptable creature that you have to find. There are both hand-drawn and mouse-drawn creatures. Some are click and take, others are not. In either case, follow the rules and have fun!



2001 Victoria Hanke